Sales and purchase
What is Ludena Marketplace?
 Ludena Marketplace is a market where you can trade game NFTs on the Polygon network.
What are the NFTs traded in the Marketplace?
Characters, items, skills, and other virtual assets used in the blockchain-based games.
Which internet browser should I use?
We recommend Google Chrome in order to use MetaMask without any issue.
What do I need to prepare in order to use the Marketplace?
MetaMask Wallet Chrome Extension must be installed. NFTs can be traded with WETH and WLDN on Polygon network.
What is WETH and WLDN on Polygon?
WETH and WLDN is cryptocurrency that is converted into the Polygon network from its original network, Ethereum. It is done through Polygon Bridge and ETH = WETH, LDN = WLDN.
What is a wallet?
Wallet that we refer to is a software program that could receive, transfer, or save cryptocurrencies such as NFTs and Tokens.
What is MetaMask Wallet?
MetaMask Wallet is a web-based program that lets you manage cryptocurrencies on multiple networks such as Ethereum and Polygon. Ludena Marketplace uses MetaMask wallet and will be supporting other wallets soon.
How do I download MetaMask?
MetaMask Wallet can be downloaded on their website. Please click HERE to download.
What is the Ethereum Network?
Ethereum is a decentralized network for smart contracts and LDN (ERC-20) and NFT (ERC-721) are based on the Ethereum network.
What is Polygon Network?
The polygon network is Ethereum's Layer-2 side chain, which can solve Ethereum's high fees and slow transmission problems.
How can I purchase a NFT?
To purchase NFT, convert ETH and LDN on Ethereum network to WETH and WLDN on the polygon network using the Polygon Bridge. Then connect MetaMask wallet to the Marketplace and purchase NFT with WETH or WLDN. If you don't have ETH or LDN, you can purchase ETH or LDN on the exchanges and send them to your MetaMask wallet address. ETH=WETH, LDN=WLDN have the same value.
What is a Bridge?
Bridge is a tool that is used to transfer cryptocurrencies from one network to another. In our particular case, we would need the Polygon Bridge. Please click HERE to go to polygon bridge.
Why do I have to use a bridge?
Compared to ETH and LDN transactions on the Ethereum network, WETH and WLDN transactions on the polygon network are much faster and cheaper.
Is there a trading fee?
Yes, There is a trading fee when a NFT is sold. You can check the % when you are listing NFT for sale.
How much is the gas fee when I buy & sell?
Ludena Protocol will cover the gas fee that occurs within our ecosystem including the Marketplace, P2E game, Guild platform(GameTalkTalk), etc. Users only need to pay small fee when they sell NFTs.
How do I sell my NFT?

STEP 01. Click the NFT you want to sell in the inventory of your account, and go to the details page.

STEP 02. Select a type of sales (sale or auction).

STEP 03. Check the fee, enter the sales amount, and register for sale.

Could I refund my NFT?
No, you cannot get a refund because it's impossible to redo what is on the blockchain. Due to the nature of the blockchain, Marketplace does not have the right to cancel, recover, or modify transactions on the Polygon network.